YoUnique™ Testimonials

“Participating in the (YoUnique Heroes) program has provided me a rare opportunity to reshape my relationship to myself and therefore, to the individuals and the world around me. Summer’s compassionate yet straightforward coaching style and suggestions have already helped me to create an excellent environment in which (to) examine and redefine myself, create an action plan for my business as well as for my life and the many roles we play as women.”

– Micaila Milburn Thomas

“This was an incredible weekend… I was so impressed with the group who were all interested in merging their work life with their desire to have a positive impact on the world. The quality of the workshop is sure to shine as the substance has a rare quality. My brain was definitely rewired to a new track in the communication exercises. I have never experienced the peace of mind during a challenging conversation as I did in the ‘take home, clean up conversation.’ I received skills beyond my expectation that will extend through my life.  Thank you.”

– Ruthann Fry Fitzpatrick

“I loved it! I have a new awareness that my thoughts and attitude are creating my current circumstances. (Now), I am looking for the positive in work and personal situations, using positive words… Thank You.”

– Antoinette (Toni) M. Argentine, RN, CCM Supervisor

“…to hear you speak. You were wonderful, down to earth and very poignant by the way. I loved your approach to innovation and your authenticity while doing it…. In any case I think you did a wonderful job and I was very impressed. I hope I get to hear you speak again soon. I was so inspired and motivated by your talk, I listened to it 3 times. I also loved the two stories video and related to it very much. It was very moving.”

– Anya de la Motte, Naturalopathic Doctor

“You have given us an extraordinary opportunity. Thank you for sharing your “YoUnique” tools with us to become the best that we can be. I look forward to using the many tools to enrich my experiences with my friends, family and to move my businesses forward toward greatness. With gratitude and affection…”

– Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and
President of Tottser-Iroquois Industries

“…I wish you had the opportunity to stay longer to hear more of the overwhelmingly positive feedback that permeated the building following your presentation. The excitement flowed through all of the teams that attended and they shared that excitement with the ones who couldn’t come! …Your insight and words were inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking for me on both a personal and professional level and I truly appreciated it.”

– Jason Zaleski, MS, Supervisor

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Summer Knight for the past 5 years. In the beginning I shared with her a dream that I had. Then we discussed how to go about achieving that dream. Of course it does not happen over night. Dr. Summer Knight helped me first to document my idea, via pictures, spreadsheets, etc. In order so that it could be presented to Financial Institutions, and regular people who would want to take advantage of it. Then she helped me organize financial backing for my dream. Over the next year she guided me through fulfilling that dream. That first dream has now become a reality. It brought me a great feeling of personal self worth having been able accomplish a dream or what I considered a big dream that thought I could never Fulfill, and I also benefited financially, my dream resulted in a large earnings payout. Since then I have consulted Dr. Summer Knight on several other Dreams. Currently I am working with her on another big dream. Thank You so much Dr. Summer Knight for taking the time, and interest in helping me accomplish my dream and at the same time make me feel like I can do whatever I want to!!!!”

– William Menz, CEO of Andalucia Corporation

“Dr. Summer Knight knows heroism. In this riveting, speech that ignites standing ovations, Dr. Knight reminds people of their own heroism – every single day. Knight explores the brain physiology and psychology of heroism, shares stories of personal innovation and transformation, and addresses failure directly and unabashedly. This is a speech your colleagues will tell you not to miss.”

– Lisa Morgan, Introduction during a Women’s Leadership Event

“I enjoyed listening to you and more than once you brought tears to my eyes.”

– Kathleen Nalli, RN

“Thanks for the great inspirational talk… I needed it today.”

– Brenda Matalik, RN, IPHT Supervisor

“Thank you, Summer! You really have an amazing concept of what we need to do to build a successful business. You can also take what I am trying to say (not my strongest point) and put it into concise ideas
and words that are better to communicate. Very important. I am grateful to have you. “

– Chelsea French

“Thanks for your inspirational presentation … and the tools that you shared with us… We have plenty of heroes supporting the needs of our Customers. Very motivating!!”

– Chris Crowe, National Director, Health Management

“DSK is a quality and rapid boost to finding solutions to start-up & complex business needs. It’s been nice and effective to ask questions on a regular basis and receive solid action-step answers. Blunt from a positive core, with someone who has real working experience producing results. Learning how to make tough decisions together, and breaking through business blocks is the only way to success with more comfort. Stretching that comfort zone is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you so much DSK, for handing my dreams to me on a silver platter. Truly, thank you for everything.”

– Patrick O’Donnell

“As a Behavioral case manager, we deal with crisis calls which are very challenging in nature and even more difficult to handle it on the phone. I resonated with what you said when facing (the) unknown while being encouraged to deal with the uncertainty. We believe your speech will not only remind us of our compassion but also devote our love to customers as well as to our colleagues.”

– Ya-Li Tsai, MEd, CAADC, CCDP, LPC, Behavioral Case Manager

“The talk made me realize that what I do as a nurse actually IS brave, (after hearing the speech) that is how I’m thinking and behaving differently.”

– Jonna “Kay” Borosky, RN, BSN