The YoUnique™ Prescription

YoUnique Prescription

The impact you are capable of making in the World is YoUnique to you.
This is because only you have your unique passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks.

The YoUnique Prescription is based on scientific neuroscience, business know-how, catalyzed with a huge dose of love – if you know me, you know I have to add that!

The YoUnique Prescription is formulated to enable you to be the person you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined possible to make your impact in the World. Plain and simple – I call that Full Force Living!

This 5-part formula contained in the YoUnique Prescription developed specifically for you by Dr. Summer Knight. Includes:

  • YoUnique Equities
  • YoUnique Priorities
  • YoUnique Foundations
  • YoUnique Strategy
  • YoUnique Hero

YoUnique circle

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YoUnique EquitiesYoUnique PrioritiesYoUnique ImpactYoUnique StrategyYoUnique Hero
And it starts off with addressing what I call the 5 Equities of a Human Being. I chose this term – Equities – from my experience as an investor entrepreneur. The term equity refers to an ownership of an asset – in this case your life. That’s why I call the program YoUnique.

My experience is that when these 5 Equities of a Human Being are in place, people are highly productive and more successful in their goals. What’s really interesting is that everyone’s equity configuration is different and specific to themselves – YoUnique. These 5 Equities are fairly intuitive and include:

  • Brain (your mind)
  • Physical (your body)
  • Relationships (your community)
  • Material (your assets and finances)
  • Higher Purpose (your positive impact in the world)

All of these are interconnected. And from years as a physician, a businessperson, and entrepreneur investor, I have learned how to help people – from patients in my office to highly compensated executive leadership team members – raise their Success Ratio through raising their YoUnique score on these 5 Human Equities.

We will return to the YoUnique Equities several times.  One of those times is to review your YoUnique Foundations.  This is the real deal of who you are at your core. You, at your most powerful, centered in your strengths. You are able to see yourself as others see you through their eyes. Clearly understanding how your unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks collate as the magnificence of you and also understanding how to better leverage areas that have traditionally been a challenge to your success.  Can you imagine turning your rough edges into your greatest attributes?

Most people do not realize that there is a difference between what seems important on the surface versus what is important deep inside your brain. We get to what’s important at your very essence, your heart and its distinction from intellectual importance. This drives three major transformations:

  • Gain calm clarity of one’s priorities
  • Clarity in future decision making
  • Forgiveness of past events and decisions

Clarify what you MUST do in the World to create your YoUnique Personal Impact (YPI).

During the YoUnique Impact, you frame your goals building upon the YoUnique Priorities and Equities experiences.  This helps clarify your Human Journey as you take a more purposeful and proactive role in directing your life and creating your YPI. Most people move from feelings such as unrest, discontent or even pain into thriving because they become clear on “that something” or what you must do in the world to feel fulfilled and successful as a human being and contributor on the planet.

People oftentimes marvel that they have become aware of opportunities that are open to them to catalyze their YPI, that were unapparent to them in the past! A graduate YoUnique Hero said, “It’s like putting a sharp point on a fuzzy arrow.”

In this part of the YoUnique Prescription, we use business planning to accelerate accomplishing your YoUnique positive impact in the world that catalyzes you to become the person you strive to be.  We clarify your Mission and Vision, affirm your Values, and identify your Long-term Goals.

  • Obtain your life’s dreams and goals much faster than you imagined possible.
  • Prioritize and understand how to execute on the thing you must do in the world to feel complete.
  • End the pain for not being who you were meant to be in the world.
Transformation: You are making your impact in the World supported by a been there, done that mentor-leader and community of people who get you and support your heroism in the world.

Steps: Your Impact

  • Prioritize your Action Steps
  • Timelines and Sequencing
  • Implementation Process
  • Q3 Execution Support
  • Full Force Living

When I talk about Heroism – I’m not talking about what others see from the outside. I’m talking about YOU having clarity about yourself and understanding how your YoUnique combination of talents, the way you operate, and things you are passionate become focused and the path toward obtaining your definition of success becomes purposeful. When you obtain your life’s goals, vision, and dreams of making your positive impact in the World – you become a Hero to yourself. No one has to compliment you or even acknowledge your efforts. You just know inside yourself – that you are a Hero.

The reason I spent the time to develop the YoUnique Prescription is because I believe that if we were all trained to leverage our unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks to positively impact in the World… we would all be Heroes. We would all make the World a better and more hospitable place.

I believe in you; I know you can obtain your audacious goals.