YoUnique Heroes™

Is the person you strive to be different from who and what you are today?

What transformation can you expect working with Dr. Summer Knight on the YoUnique Prescription.  You become the PERSON you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible making your impact in the World.

Innovation Heroes™
  • Do you have something you must do in the world?
  • Do you feel you have more to give to the world, but not sure how?
  • Do you wonder what’s holding you back from being your best and GREATest you?

Every person has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the world. That includes you!

  • Do you believe you’re here just to get by or do you believe you are in the world to contribute and make a positive impact?
  • Is there something positive you must do in the world to feel complete?
  • Are you in pain because you are not doing what you are meant to do in the World?

It’s not only your potential, but its your duty to use your unique qualities, passions, interests, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks to impact the World! Its time to step into your YoUnique Heroism. Clarify why you are on your human journey and take action on how you want to positively affect the world.

  • Did you know that the most successful people have a prescribed formula to make their impact in the World?
  • Do you want to radiate the serene stability, joy and confidence of a sustaining, high-achieving successful person?
  • Do you want to feel complete and delighted in who you are in the World?

The YoUnique™ Prescription

Dr. Summer Knight affects organizations of people with a combination of Heart, Health, and Neuroscience incorporating the innate human entrepreneurial spirit and business know-how. She developed the YoUnique program in response to innumerable requests to share how she transitioned her life from coffee shop waitress to 5 time entrepreneur, best selling author, F500 business executive and innovation expert, doctor, government leader, and firefighter paramedic.

We help you build the foundational platform to obtain goals you never thought possible. You exude the serene stability, joy and confidence we have all experienced when in the presence of a sustaining, high-achieving successful person people admire.

We help you create your clarified strategy to obtain your goals to positively impact the World up-leveling you life and purpose as a human being.

My passion? I’m focused on the type of people who want to make a positive impact in the World. My passion is to catalyze YOU!

I started serving people as a firefighter paramedic turned physician and through those experiences began to really understand how individuals – usually pushed by a life-altering event – could make huge transformations in their lives. I recognized patterns that people consistently leveraged to catalyze real change in their lives.

Then as an innovation expert, entrepreneur, and executive leader, I learned how to apply these same formulas to cause innovative transformation in organizations. Can you guess the most important ingredient? That’s right! People… who want to make a positive impact in the World.

So I started to experiment with the formula and realized that it didn’t require an actual dramatic event to cause people to make the changes in their lives to fulfill their life’s mission to make a positive impact in the World. They could actually follow a formula.

After helping thousands and thousands of people create real, life-altering transformation in their lives, I saw similar patterns emerged in every person’s transformation – including my own. I also studied the transformation of people I admired, those consistently, high-achieving successful people who exude serene stability, joy and confidence. After researching and experimenting for years, I realized the formula to creating lasting, impactful transformation. It’s a formula – there’s no instant pill here. I write this out for all patients, clients, entrepreneurs and executive leaders:

The YoUnique™ Prescription

It’s based on scientific neuroscience, business know-how, catalyzed with a huge dose of love.

It’s the same whether we support a team of people who are part of an organization or individuals. The end result is Feeling GREAT!

  • End the pain of not being who you were meant to be in the world.
  • Be supported by a “been there, done that” mentor and community of people who understand you and support your new heroism in the world.
  • Feel complete and delighted in who you are in the World.