The Manual For Your Brain

How do you become the PERSON you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible to make your positive impact in the World?

Many people feel they have “something” they know they must do in the World.  However, they may either not know exactly what that “thing” is or if they know what it is, may not be sure how to “make it happen”.  This dilemma is common and creates unrest and discontent oftentimes leading to thoughts such as,

  • “Is this all there is?”
  • “I have goals, but time seems to just slip by.”
  • “Life’s commitments consume all my attention.  I feel as though I am merely surviving rather than THRIVING.”

You’re not alone. Too many of us keep going through the motions of our life; we want to be successful, and experience joy and confidence, not feel anxious. We all get to a point where we start to wonder if what we’re doing now is what we’re meant to do.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Do I have something I must do in the world?
  • I have more to give to the world, but not sure how?
  • What’s holding me back from being my best and greatest self?
  • Am I here just to get by or am I here – in this world – to contribute and make a positive impact?
  • Is there something positive I must do in the world to feel complete?
  • Do I feel complete and delighted with who I am in the World?

What would it be like to understand your brain and to FINALLY sit in the driver’s seat of your life?

I personally invite you to join me while I share my story of an uncertain future, to making the conscious choice to uncover what was getting in the way – my Brain! – that caused me to change the trajectory of MY life. That’s right, I did it.  No one “found” and delivered me.

Yes, you CAN do this.

Join me on November 1st at 2PM ET to hear my story, and how you can leverage the mysteries of neuroscience and the power of your Brain to reprogram yourself to catalyze your YoUnique impact.

During our time together, I’ll share:

  • How the impact you are capable of making in the World is YoUnique to you.
  • We’ll pause and reflect upon how it would feel if you were consistently making your YoUnique impact in the World.
  • How you become the PERSON you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible to make your positive impact in the World?

You CAN become the PERSON you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible making your impact in the World.

You CAN consistently make your YoUnique impact in the World.

You CAN create YOUR YoUnique impact in the World.

You want this for yourself… and I want this for you!

As a physician, I have developed “The Owner’s Manual for Your Brain – 10 Tools in your Brain Toolbox”. Figuring out how your brain works is complicated and often the life you imagined seems to be slipping through your fingers as bad habits and repetitive patterns block your ability to thrive.  The answer is better understanding Your Brain and to use a greater percentage of it to get what you want in life.

Here’s a Secret I learned:  The single common denominator to all of my problems was …


Tough to imagine isn’t it?

But you don’t need to be a physician to leverage what neuroscience is teaching us and to start making positive and meaningful changes in your life.

I’ll show you how.

Please don’t miss out on this call. I’ve made it as easy as I can for you to get closer to making the positive impact on the world that you are meant to.

Remember the call is free.


“You have given us an extraordinary opportunity. Thank you for sharing your “YoUnique” tools with us to become the best that we can be. I look forward to using the many tools to enrich my experiences with my friends, family and to move my businesses forward toward greatness. With gratitude and affection…”

– Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and
President of Tottser-Iroquois Industries

“I loved it! I have a new awareness that my thoughts and attitude are creating my current circumstances. (Now), I am looking for the positive in work and personal situations, using positive words… Thank You.”

– Antoinette (Toni) M. Argentine, RN, CCM Supervisor

“Thank you, Summer! You really have an amazing concept of what we need to do to build a successful business. You can also take what I am trying to say and put it into concise ideas
and words that are better to communicate. Very important. I am grateful to have you. “

– Chelsea French, Portland Oregon Entrepreneur

We all have gifts.  Mine is the ability to see the YoUnique Hero that is in each human being.  That’s why I created the YoUnique Prescription.  The Manual For Your Brain is the first part because I share Brain Tools you can immediately use to leverage a GREATer % of your Brain. 

Take advantage of this GIFT that has been developed through 20+ years of experience as a physician and successful entrepreneur mentoring amazing people just like you. I developed the YoUnique Prescription because I love you and want to see you create your personal success and positive impact in the world.

Live YoUnique,
Dr. Summer Knight