The Manual For Your Brain

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To live an impactful life, it’s essential you take time out of your busy schedule to learn – or remember – skills to catalyze creating your YoUnique Positive Impact in the World. As you better understand how to apply neuroscience directly to your life through Brain Tools, you will be amazed how quickly you can transform your own life – I call this the YoUnique Prescription!

We will keep you updated with final details and reminders for The Manual for Your Brain call. Remember, this is our gift to you and we always have time for your questions. Feel free to connect on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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Dr. Summer Knight

PS: Did you know that my passion is to catalyze YOU to create your YoUniquely Personal Positive Impact in the World. I wrote that out recently and had to chuckle at the acronym – YPPI. Sounds like “Yippee!” when you say it out loud. So, maybe that’s our next greeting. Yippee!