The Doctor Entrepreneur

Catalyzing Doctors to leverage their expertise and knowledge in the health care industry helping them to create successful business models.

Doctors considering innovation and entrepreneurism have unique qualities … and needs. There are a myriad of issues they face beyond what other entrepreneurs must consider.

The DoctorEntrepreneurHere are some of the questions doctors ask themselves:

  • Where on the spectrum of entrepreneurism do I want to focus at this point in my career?
  • How can I determine if my great idea can be commercialized?
  • People tell me my idea is good, but can I make a business out of it?
  • Can I become an entrepreneur and continue practicing medicine or must I quit my job?
  • I know my idea can become a business, but how do I develop a team to execute it?
  • Can I partner with my current employer on developing my idea into a commercially viable business model?
  • Who is out there that I can trust to share my ideas, who will give me straight talk?

The Doctor Entrepreneur Program was developed upon requests of our founder to share her entrepreneurial expertise with other doctors who are weighing the risks and rewards of Innovation and Entrepreneurism.

Dr. Knight has that “been-there-done-that” experience with a passionate support and understanding of the Doctor Entrepreneur.  The Doctor Entrepreneur Program is a physician entrepreneur transformation program led by Dr. Summer Knight, The Innovation Doctor.   Dr. Knight has experienced transitions from clinical practice to developing innovative, entrepreneurial companies to prestigious leadership positions in business and government.  Through the Doctor Entrepreneur Program, physicians exploring the spectrum of entrepreneurism can work with Firecracker and Dr. Summer Knight.

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