Two Stories by Summer Knight

Hello, I’m Dr. Summer Knight and I shared this story with you as an example of how seemingly simple shifts can cause huge transformations in a your life. Its what took me from waitressing tables at a local coffee house to 5 time entrepreneur, best selling author, F500 business executive and innovation expert, doctor, a government leader, and firefighter paramedic.

  • Did this story resonate with you?
  • Did you feel something move in your heart or your head for either of these girls?
  • Were you relieved that the outcome of the first girl was the outcome of the second girl?
  • Do you wish to accelerate your success and feel complete and delighted in who you are as you positively impact the World?

If so, I would like to invite you to spend some time with me 1:1 in a private conversation where we focus in on what will give you the biggest leap you can make toward your goal at positively making an impact in the World.

Invitation to schedule a 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight

After helping thousands and thousands of people create real, life-altering transformation in their lives, similar patterns emerged in every person’s transformation – including my own. I also studied the transformation of people I admired, those consistently, high-achieving successful people who exude serene stability, joy and confidence. After researching and experimenting for years, I realized the formula to creating lasting, impactful transformation. And, yes, it’s a formula – there’s no instant pill here. I use this process myself, with my clients and patients and call it:

The YoUnique Prescription

It’s based on scientific neuroscience, business know-how, catalyzed with a huge dose of love.

What’s the transformation? You become the person you strive to be obtaining your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined possible to make your impact in the World.

Invitation to schedule a 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight

Give yourself 3 seconds, right now. Imagine what you life would be like if you could become the person you strive to be. If you could obtain your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined. Perhaps these dreams seem impossible to you now; or perhaps you have even buried them because they seemed so remote you didn’t want to break your heart thinking about them. But consider this, what if your dreams are possible? What would it be like to make your impact in the World fulfilling your dreams?

The problem is that it’s tough going it alone. Studying highly successful people who make an impact on the world has shown that they don’t “go it alone.” That’s why The YoUnique Prescription is a program formulated specifically for your life and your impact that I, as a physician and successful businessperson, guide you through. Working with you holistically.

Invitation to schedule a 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight

I care deeply for you. Why? Because I see the potential in every person and you are a person who wants to contribute positively in the world – how do I know?… You’re still reading. You’ve probably already made positive contributions and now you want to Take-It-Up-a-Notch. You want to make an impact in the World.

I’d love to learn about your plans, goals, and dreams for your next level of impacting the world, your community, your organization, your family, or even simply yourself. How often do you get 1:1 time with a Doctor who is an expert on people and business at the same time?

Invitation to schedule a 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight

Here’s what people are saying about me and The YoUnique Prescription:

PS: I take my own medicine. I use this formula all the time. And each time, life just gets better, I make more impact in the World, and I feel GREAT!

PPS: Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have the opportunity to connect 1:1?

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