“E”nnovation Innovation

  • “E”nnovation Innovation
  • “E”nnovation Innovation
  • “E”nnovation Innovation
  • “E”nnovation Innovation

There are many issues dominating Health Care today. Some of the headliners:

  • Baby Boomers accelerating the growth of the aging populations
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Dramatic jumps in technology
  • Growing chronically ill population
  • The large healthcare GDP slice within the context of a national budget deficit that defies comprehension

These headliners and so many more mean that we must make changes in health care. That we must think differently, to INNOVATE, and implement new strategies.

I believe that Innovation is every person’s job. It is not just a contribution, Innovation it is a responsibility each of us must have for our clients, for each other, and for ourselves. Thinking about this, I coined the term: “E”nnovation! To me, “E”nnovation means everyone is responsible for Innovation.

So who am I? I am a physician innovator and successful health care entrepreneur with significant expertise in the clinical, governmental, and private sector health care arenas. As the former Chief Medical Officer of the State of Florida, I influenced Medicaid policy, health care facility regulations and stakeholder interactions. Later, I founded a Health IT company causing a marketplace shift that became the leading platform for long-term care integrity in several states and managed care markets.


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  1. I wish I’d coined it myself… Summer, ‘e’nnovation is a great term! I, and likely everyone else who knows that “things” could or should change, will be envious that you discovered it. Ennovation is much needed in the world, both as a word, and in reality.

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